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Ideas & Activities!

Positive Talk

  • Start your morning with a positive affirmation.

  • Begin noticing when your talking negative.

  • Begin changing your thoughts to positive.

  • Practice inhaling the positive & exhaling the negative.

  • Don't allow yourself to complain for one whole day. Then repeat.

  • Acknowledge a time today where you felt you were being positive.


  • Wake up & stretch.

  • Make one small change today that will better your tomorrow.

  • Be the difference.

  • Make a To-Do list.

  • Make sure your using this app.

  • Think about 3 qualities you admire in someone else and exercise them.


  • Call a friend who is a blessing in your life and thank them.

  • Stimulate your 5 senses today, taste, touch, smell, sight & hearing. They are blessings!

  • Think of 3 non materialistic blessings.

  • Watch a sunrise or a sunset.

  • Find something in nature and admire its beauty for 5 minutes.

  • Put your phone down and truly connect with someone.


  • Mindfulness: What brings meaning to your experiences?

  • Activities:

  • Spend 1 minute each morning being fully present before jumping out of bed.

  • Fully focus on one thing at a time.

  • Go for a walk and feel the ground beneath you in each step.

  • Watch your thoughts and let them go.

  • Tense up your whole body for 5 seconds and then release with a big sigh.

  • Focus on slow deep inhalations and deep exhalations. 


  • Trust that you are enough. Learn to enjoy time alone by turning your phone off for a couple hours and plan an enjoyable day for yourself.

  • Making a commitment and keeping it builds trust. Today, make a commitment to create a boundary. Enjoy the rewards!

  • True vulnerability is a sign of strength, authenticity, and courage. Choose to do something courageous  today that strengthens your trust with yourself.

  • Practice following through on tasks that you've been avoiding. Begin a trusting relationship with yourself that you can count on.

  • Today trust the universe.

  • Trust that one bad day doesn't lead to another. You have a choice.


  • Put together small goodie bags for the homeless that you can keep in your car for the on-the-go moment of compassion. Give them away to people in need to help brighten their day.

  • Escape from your daily routine.

  • 3-Practice being as kind to yourself as you are to others.

  • Begin a compassion journal. Each morning write a little message to yourself that is compassionate, loving and encouraging to start your day off bright.

  • Show compassion to someone who is in a hurry this week, whether it be at a bank, grocery store, etc. and allow then to go ahead of you.

  • When someone has their turning signal on, let them in.


  • Go outside for a mindful walk in the grass barefoot.

  • Put your hands into the earth with some gardening.

  • Try a walking meditation.

  • Spend some time near a body of water whether it be the ocean, a lake, pond or river.


  • Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. 

  • Hug someone & express your gratitude.

  • Surround yourself with people who love your light and want to add to it.

  • Count your blessings.

  • Explore your 5 senses and be grateful for them.

  • Start a gratitude jar. Write down something your grateful for everyday. Fill It Up!

Self Love/Boundaries

  • Make time to stop and breathe.

  • Do a 3 minute meditation.

  • Make a toast to yourself.

  • Take a walk in nature.

  • Grant yourself the time for a nice bath.

  • Have a pajama Day!


  • Forgiveness: What characteristics in your life might indicate that you haven't fully forgiven past hurts?

  • Activates:

  • Write a letter to someone you’d like to forgive, even if you don’t deliver it.

  • Think about where they were hurting that may have caused them to hurt you.

  • Meditate and let go.

  • Time is a great healer, choose to do it sooner rather than later.

  • Go out and focus on making a positive difference so you’re not stuck on the mental hamster wheel.

  • Take ownership and Focus Forward.


  • Possibilities: What would you do differently if nobody would judge you?

  • Activities:

  • Think of something from childhood that you enjoyed doing, and experience it again.

  • Try karaoke.

  • Take a risk at something you’ve been thinking of but have been too afraid.

  • Ask someone out on a date or have a date night with your partner.

  • Go skinny dipping.

  • Start a garden and play in the dirt.


  • Creativity:

  • Go online or find a local art center that offers classes in a medium that appeals to you and sign up for it.

  • Begin a new hobby.

  • Rearrange or paint a room in your home.

  • Go to karaoke night.

  • Take a day trip to an art gallery or museum and get inspired.

  • Have a thrift store day! Go have fun rummaging through different styles of clothes from different eras and expand your vision of yourself.


  • Intuition:

  • Take notice how many times your gut speaks today you today and listen to it.

  • Begin a meditation practice using our meditation tool within this app.

  • In challenging decision making, flip a coin and pay attention to which side you hope it lands on. That's your intuition.

  • Play the "Notice Everything" game for the day. Start noticing all that you can with your five conventional senses.

  • When a dog growls, that's their intuition and a warning. Pay attention to your inner growl. That's your intuition.

  • Ask yourself questions and then listen to the first thing that pops into your mind.

Body Positive

  • Skinny Dip!

  • “Body Care Time”. Take your time & lotion your body with intention. Trim your nails. Tend to yourself with Love!

  • Look in the mirror and appreciate your body parts and the gifts they are to you.

  • Bring awareness to your five senses. Exercise gratitude.


  • Take note of how you feel in each location throughout your day. Acknowledge the places that had a positive effect on your wellbeing.  

  • Give back! Cultivate a positive environment by picking up liter along the beach or at the park.

  • Be a conscious consumer this week. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

  • Organize your personal space. Organized space = organized mind!


  • This week, exchange one bad habit with one good habit. Start small, even if it starts with a healthier beverage choice.

  • Start your day by making your bed. Feel the difference it makes with a fresh start.

  • Make a healthy habit of cleaning out your refrigerator each time you take out the garbage.

  • Smile at people.


  • Minimize time spent on your tv & social media. Allocate specific time blocks for these. Stick to it!

  • Start your day with a well rounded healthy breakfast.

  • Plan your day the night before.

  • Jumpstart your day with a morning workout.


  • The next time you’re distracted from a project at hand, take a moment to stretch. This allows your mind to take a healthy break but not get deeply distracted as you would if you had gotten on your phone/tv/etc..

  • Minimize multitasking! A multi tasker might seem superhuman, but they sometimes pay the price of not using time efficiently.

  • Meditate! If the saying "practice makes perfect" is true, then meditation is a sure way to enhance focus because it takes a great deal of concentration.

  • Exercise regularly! Exercise isn't just good for the body. It promotes brain health, too, which is important for memory capacity and concentration


  • Before responding in your next conversation, pause for a few moments to truly consider everything the other person was sharing.

  • Instead of reacting to a negative situation, wait a few hours before responding.

  • Encourage yourself to be 100% present when listening to your children or family.

  • Listen to an inspirational podcast or a guided meditation.


  • Write out a list of things you’d like to do but are afraid of. 

  • Each week do at least one thing on your list and check them off.

  • Write a list of all the things you have achieved that you’re most proud of. Revisit these when challenged. 

  • Wake up an hour earlier each day this week and see how much more productivity you are.


  • Start a weekly exercise program, even if it’s 10 minutes 3 times a week. Write it down and get the party started!

  • Start your morning with a nourishing smoothie

  • Create a collage. Find pictures that represent yourself, your talents, abilities, and aspirations. This will help you remember who you are, and what you are capable of!

  • Each time you have a negative thought, replace it with positive one.


  • Ask someone you love what they consider to be the most important thing they’ve ever learned.

  • Recognize in yourself the strengths you see in other people.

  • Attend a conference or retreat to connect with like-minded people.

  • Practice deep breathing while listening to nature sounds.


  • Write down this weeks schedule. Rearrange and reserve little windows of time for yourself to meditate.

  • Wake up a little earlier this week and watch how much more you can achieve with that time management.

  • Rest!

  • Don’t rush. Practice mindfulness.


  • Reserve some time each week to play with your favorite hobby.

  • Make a creativity board. Paste pictures of all the things that make you feel good. Find the common denominator. 

  • Start doing what you love, even without a business plan.

  • You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Study people who have been successful in the area you want to pursue. 


  • Arrange for some quality time with the family. If you want to take it a step further, spend time with no electronics.

  • Stay fed & hydrated! Set a daily water consumption goal.

  • Lets play traffic light! Keep an eye on your emotions. Check in with yourself throughout the day to see what color light you are. When needed, take deep breaths, center yourself, and then move on with your day.

  • Be mindful with your meals! Ensure that you actually take time with lunch and it’s not on the move or at your desk. 


  • Begin a “Morning Gratitude” journal by taking a few minutes each morning to write down a few things you are grateful for. Starting your morning with gratitude is a great way to begin your day!

  • Lets Play Trade! For each hangup that may occur this week,  spend a moment replacing the downside of that situation with gratitude for a blessing in your life. Lets rewire any negative thinking habits.

  • Find the humor! Spend the day looking for humor in every nook and cranny.

  • Smile more often!

Standing Up

  • Before you speak: pause, consider, standup.

  • Send your message with honesty & compassion.

  • How would you stand up for someone else if they were in your situation? Do that for yourself.

  • Write a list of circumstances in which you feel you don’t have a voice. Address them one by one.


  • The next time you find yourself feeling vulnerable, instead of removing yourself from the situation, spend a little time there.

  • Do something this this week that makes you nervous.

  • Have a heart felt conversation with someone today.

  • Share something personal with someone who can benefit from your experience.


  • Give yourself a break from the day-to-day world. Spend the day doing something completely different than your normal routine.

  • Start a journal. Take the time each day to write down the things you are grateful for and the things that make you the happiest.

  • Make time for others. Being kind to others makes you feel good.

  • Get up and get active! Take a swim class. Go for a walk. Ride a bike. There are so many ways you can inject a little joy into your day with physical activity.


  • Next time you go shopping, make a list of what you need and ONLY shop from the list.

  • Create a budget.

  • Look up your local city calendar for fun free events happening.

  • Pay it forward, help someone in need.


  • Have that conversation you’ve been avoiding.

  • Call someone you love and have a meaningful conversation.

  • Read up on the power of body language.

  • Look up communication exercises on the internet. Practice a few!


  • Find 5 minutes each day this week to meditate.

  • Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Slow it down and follow it. It’s a wonderful way to take a break!

  • Try a walking meditation.

  • Look up 1 to 5 minute meditations on the internet, find a few you connect with and save them. Build your practice.

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