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Summer is Here!

The reasons that I love summer is that it's the perfect time to RECONNECT, REFRESH, RE-ENERGIZE & RELAX.

During the summer, I enjoy taking time from my work and my teen's hectic schedules to slow down and RECONNECT with myself and others. This past weekend, I was lucky to catch up with old friends and go boating. I also stayed in my pajamas till 1:00pm reading and drinking coffee, gardened in the rain and did yoga.What are you doing to enjoy the summer?

It's also time to RE-ENERGIZE. This can be done by getting in touch with your creative side or something you feel passionate about. For me, I am buying a new camera and going to experiment with taking pictures. Will they be good? Who knows, but I am excited and willing to go for it. I am also going to Costa Rica to get certified as a yoga instructor. Will I teach yoga? I don't know, but what I do know is I am challenging myself to go outside my comfort zones and try new things. Both of these are on my Vision Board so I will RE-ENERGIZE as I put all obstacles aside and go get in touch with the passion and creativity that lives within me. What is your passion? What new hobby or vision can you challenge yourself to do this summer?

Summer is also a wonderful time to REFRESH~

Take a nap- REFRESH your mind and body. You can enjoy the abundance of healthy fruits and vegetables. Make a smoothie or delicious Sangria. Experiment with different salads and summer recipes! Plan a bar-b-que and invite everyone to bring something.

Jump in the pool (maybe go skinny dipping) Go to a water park- Slides are not just for kids! Have fun and REFRESH with a thrill or set up a slip and slide. Be spontaneous and enjoy yourself!

Now to RELAX~

Breathe. I mean really breathe. Go to the beach and watch the sunrise. Walk along the shore, listen to the ocean and smell the ocean air. Go for a swim! Be present to the sights, sounds and feelings of nature, letting it bring you to a peaceful place. This can be done also with a walk through Wakodahatchee Nature preserve. Walk along the boardwalk through the wetland's ponds and watch birds nesting. Stick your neck out, observe how slowly the turtle moves, or how he basks in the sun or swims. Come out of your shell, be present- observe nature and breathe and connect~ as you RELAX. Also RELAX by connecting with friends or family. Cell phones away! Have a board game night, watch home movies or snuggle up to a series you have wanted to watch. Catch up on reading magazines and books. Make time to RELAX without distractions.

Life is short~ don't forget summer is here NOW!

Remember being young and excited for the last day of school? Well let's not wait for our last days to live, RECONNECT, RE-ENERGIZE, REFRESH and RELAX.

If not now…When?

Focus Forward Coaching

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