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Success Stories

I would highly recommend coaching with Debbie. My sessions with her have been thought provoking and enjoyable, like talking to a friend.  Focus Forward Coaching has given me more confidence and perspective in both my personal and professional life.  I gain a lot of insight with every meeting that I can put towards getting what I want/need out of life.  She helps define your goals and works with you in order to reach them.  Debbie is a wonderful coach and given the chance, will truly make a difference in your life.

~ Amy Sparks-Dix, Cosmetologist/Laser Professional

"Do you ever hear your inner voice calling for you to pursue a dream or passion? Yet, that fear within talks you out of it. That was my story three years ago. Debbie was able to help me overcome all fear and doubt and I have been happily soaring forward ever since!! I'm forever grateful for her sincere, loving, and direct guidance."​​

~Michelle Ferry, Founder/Executive.Director of Art House of Delray

"I have known Debbie Glickstein for over 12 years. She has been a wonderful support to her children's school, community and many friends. Debbie has a wonderful approach to her clients, is very professional, empathetic, allowing you to gain perspective into your talents and attain your goals. She has helped me personally by educating me in meditation, breathing and goal setting. She is a terrific life coach and I would not hesitate in calling on her again."

~Merilynn Rubsamen

"Have you ever felt like you were staring at your GPS or directions and had absolutely no clue which way to turn even though the  GPS lady keeps telling you to make a right and instead you do a U-turn? That is where I was when I met Debbie.  No matter how hard I tried I felt like I kept making the wrong turn in life.  I felt like I loss sight of my final destination.  Debbie made me see that I needed to be the one to make my own direction and that would be the right way for me.  She listened to me and helped me see myself the way others see me.  I was my worst critic and I realized I needed to open my eyes up and see what others were seeing me as. She showed me how to build and boost my confidence level.  I became more in tune with my body, mind and spirit.  I am forever grateful that Debbie is in my life.  I am still a client of hers."

~Narupa Baldeosingh, Freelance Marketing Executive

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