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Live Life Like You Mean It

Live Life Like You Mean It

Another hour, another day, another week, another month and then a year.

Life is flying by. Don’t let it pass you by!

How many times do you say “I’ll do it tomorrow, next week, next month, next year…”

Lets make this happen!

As a life coach, I have clients who want to set goals and live life to the fullest. So set your goals and make plans for the week, month and year. Here are ways to attain your goals.

1. Writing them down.

2. Creating a vision board.

3. Get excited and share goals with others.

4. Have a bucket list - not for ten years from today - do it NOW.

Start small - one thing a month and bigger goals for the year. Going to new places, reading, dancing. Sign up for a course (something creative or fun~ think outside the box) For example, exercising, volunteering, or traveling.

For me, let’s say it’s going to be taking a photography course this week.

-Three months from now I will plan a day in nature taking pictures (mark it on calendar NOW).

-Four months~ plan a party and share pictures with friends.

-Six months~ plan a scenic trip, take pictures and then add poems to them.

Goals are all different but they must ignite passion, be fun, have some fear and break up your everyday routine.

Make time to live. Hug more. Smile more. Be kind (yes, even to yourself) and go set goals and LIVE LIFE LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

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